Jimmy Jams

I have to start by acknowledging that everything I know about tunes I learned from Babygirl. If she hadn’t taken me under her musical wing a few years ago I’d still be listening to Mariah and Ja Rule on repeat (love you Mariah!) My tastes run towards the upbeat, an umbrella that includes rap, hip-hop, … Continue reading Jimmy Jams


Here at Feinberg Festivus you’ll be encountering a variety of foreign terms and vocabulary that have been a) invented entirely by a Feinberg or b) cribbed from obscure and underappreciated movies. There’s also a healthy dose of Yiddish thrown around for good measure. Perhaps take a moment to acquaint yourself before delving deeper into the … Continue reading Feinberg-ese

Konichiwa, biatches

… and welcome to Feinberg Festivus! We thought it was high time for the airing of the grievances, the dirty laundry, the clean laundry, and some good old fashioned simple pleasures. You might think of our blog as the digital manifestation of 80 Hollywood Drive… you’ll find plenty of poodles, wacky ideas taken a little too … Continue reading Konichiwa, biatches