Before we proceed, let’s go back to the last time you heard from us . . . Continue reading We’re BAAAAAAAACK Baby!


Fall into Festivus

I know, the pain is unbearable. What the donkey dingus are you people doing without your daily dose of cray cray? Not laughing as much, obviously. Starting every morning crying into your bowl of Kashi Go Lean and wondering when the sisterhood of the traveling hot messes will revisit the digital sphere? Unclear. But it’s … Continue reading Fall into Festivus

Yum in the Tum

Feinbergs like snacks. So do these kids: Meals are overrated. America wouldn’t be so chubs if they skipped the 3 course special at Ruby Tuesday and nibbled on some small plates instead. The Spanyard that invented tapas is a damn genius. Which brings me to my favorite apps… Want to see some more YUM IN … Continue reading Yum in the Tum

Kill Bill

This week on Trueblood, my prayers were answered. Eric finally had some more humple dumples (albeit with the Brit Twit who needs to GO), Alcide did some smoldering yard work without a shirt, Russell and Steve huffed pixie mojo, Lafayette gave us a silly one-liner, and everyone else went Batshit nuts. PREACH y’all. Crazy people … Continue reading Kill Bill

Viva Las Ginger!

Hot damn holy Moses thank you little baby Jesus! The big tabloid news this am is a real doozy. Prince Hot Ginge, aka His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Prince of Wales, was photographed in Vegas this past weekend in nothing but his birthday suit. We at the Festivus are great admirers of … Continue reading Viva Las Ginger!

Head of the Class

There’s no denying it: I was born for school. Chemistry? Fire up that bunson burner and hand over the fire pants, Mr. Konig. I’m ready to mix and mingle (some soluble liquids, that is). Art History? I’m all over those frescoes like white on rice. C’mon, you can’t really think I know about stigmata from … Continue reading Head of the Class

Great White Hype

In case you’ve shot yourself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun and poured Elmer’s glue in your earholes, by now you’ve realized it’s SHARK WEEK. People go ape over these shows. It’s like swimming snuff films. But as Feinbergs know, the real danger in the water are Dolphins. Hide your kids, hide your bungus. … Continue reading Great White Hype