Bachs in Paradise?

Bachelorette parties are a tricky business. It’s easy to misunderstand the assignment and biddies seem to be thinking of more and more tacky, extravagant, and nonsensical activities and getups to make their debauchery-filled girls weekend especially over the top and profoundly BASIC. SHAME. Really, Kris? If you think that Babygirl and Linda would be caught dead in this scenario you … Continue reading Bachs in Paradise?

Early Retirement

In honor of my first visit back to the Tar Heel state this Friday (Charlotte, aka Katy’s get-weird-capital-of-the-world) here’s the first of many musings about tearing up the Dirty South worse than Sherman (too soon?): I misunderstood the assignment by moving to North Carolina at the ripe age of 25. You see, it was too … Continue reading Early Retirement